Body Freedom Principle #5 – Flexibility & Long Term Success

Body Freedom Principle 5

I have so many clients who come to me so tired and spent from obsessing about food and their weight. 

They feel like no matter what,  they have to keep this rigid plan and fear that any little indulgence will undo all of the work they have done. 

It’s such a huge drain on them mentally and emotionally 

This is why flexibility is such an important goal and mindset to achieve and my final Body Freedom principle. 


For long term success, you want to reach the point of Flexibility where you don’t feel so rigid and restricted, otherwise you can never truly achieve freedom in your body.

This is the final step you need in order to move from weight loss fatigue, feeling stuck in your body, and having sabotaging behaviors with food, 

To Body Freedom…

where you’re comfortable in your body, 

you are in control of your body and food, 

you enjoy eating well and it becomes second nature.  

Amazing right?! 

Body Freedom Circle

Learning how to be flexible with your food and flexible with your lifestyle is a vital step in your weight loss journey.Β 

You want to enjoy your life yet still feel like you can maintain your new lower weight without stress and worry that you will gain it again.

If you’ve been struggling in the area of weight loss, and you truly want to reach the point of Body Freedom so you can feel great in your body, have an empowered mindset and have optimal health and wellbeing while enjoying a lifestyle that allows for flexibility then I encourage you to reach out to me and book a 15 min assessment call.