I invite you to take your
Weight Loss Breakthrough
journey with me.

Lose up to 20-35 pounds in 6 weeks and
keep it off for good!

Find out how to finally achieve your weight loss goal and keep it off for GOOD!
I'm Curious!

Doctor supervised and personalized Weight Loss journey

I offer a weight loss program for people who have struggled with their weight most of their lives, and those who have tried many things to shed the pounds but feel stuck and just can’t do it.

Watch this video for an overview of my approach.


Are you:

  • Tired of not looking good in your clothes or not being able to wear your favourite jeans
  • Feeling a lack of control because of cravings and emotional/stress triggers
  • Experiencing low energy, achy joints, trouble sleeping
  • Overwhelmed with all the diet choices out there
  • Wanting to find an easy solution to maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life
  • Doing all the right things but wondering what is keeping you stuck from losing weight

My journey… I can relate

before-afterI was personally struggling to lose weight despite following all the traditional approaches. I felt quite discouraged and frustrated. I was personally stuck.

Not until I discovered this groundbreaking, innovative approach did I see dramatic results for myself. I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I now see this type of result with my clients. To hear my full story watch my videoblog.

I am a Toronto based chiropractor who has done additional training in weight loss, sleep and stress management, and for the last 10 years I have focused my practice on helping people address these issues in their lives, using methods that are safe, natural and effective.

Unique approach

I look at the many factors affecting weight loss and incorporate the relevant ones in your program. I address all issues, physical, mental and emotional that will give you great weight loss results but more importantly will set you up for success in keeping your weight off.

My innovative approach stimulates fat burn so your body uses your own body fat for fuel rather than glucose from your food. This puts your body into a “nutritional ketosis” state and is safe, effective and fast. You have likely never used this approach before in your past efforts.

My clients are highly motivated because of the fast results they achieve through my keto induced intermittent fasting program. They are excited to step on the scale to see how much they have lost each day not if they have lost weight.

If you run into a challenge you do not need to wait until your next session to get support. I am available by email between sessions so we can tackle your challenges and questions to keep you on track.

Where many programs fail is in helping people keep their weight off long term. I teach you a strategy towards the end of your program that is easy, straight forward and very lifestyle friendly. My clients constantly say that this is one of their biggest concerns with weight loss programs and they are so excited to finally have a way to keep their weight off. It is a game changer as far as they are concerned.

I am so pleased with the results as I have lost over 20 pounds in less than 4 weeks and this program has targeted my belly fat, having lost almost 5 inches
56 year old male, B.H.
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The main benefit of this program for me was it resolved a longstanding mystery regarding my body’s weight loss patterns. This was a huge relief
41 year old female, H.M.
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I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday, felt great and I haven’t been able to do that for years.
54 year old female, L.R.
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When I started the program, my clothes were tight, my blood pressure was going up and up, and I felt miserable all the time. In 42 days with Dr. Bovay, I lost 23 pounds & 18 inches & BP is almost at 120/80.
51 year old female, I.H.
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Dr. Sher Bovay helped me lose over 40 pounds in 4 months. This has been amazing as I had not been able to successfully take off the weight after my daughter was born 18 years ago
53 year old female, L.R.
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I lost 52lbs in 2 sessions of 6 weeks each. This program changed my life and I never thought I would be under 200lbs again.
43 year old male, E.D.
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Program Overview

1/ Initial consultation

includes a comprehensive assessment to determine realistic goals. It also helps determine the best personalized approach to set you up for success.

2/ Follow up sessions

will help keep you on track by checking your progress, monitoring your results, and providing coaching to overcome obstacles using behavioural modification strategies as well as Neuroemotional Techniques.

3/ Ongoing email access

which will help you stay on track between sessions.

4/ Maintenance food plan and strategies

for long term success to maintain your weight loss using techniques that are easy and flexible. Keep your weight off for good!

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Your next step to work with me

Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Consultation phone call with me where you will:

  • Create realistic expectations for your weight loss journey
  • Discover the #1 trigger keeping you from losing weight
  • Identify the important action steps to losing weight and feeling better
  • Discover if my approach is right for you