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A Real Breakthrough to Weight Loss in Toronto

Clients come to me from Toronto, all across North America, Europe and Australia for all sorts of reasons

For some, their job is dependent on their image and being able to present in front of groups. For others, their reasons are more personal.

  • They’re trying to get in shape for a big event
  • They’re trying to keep up with their kids
  • A lot of them used to be athletic in the past but have slowly turned into anything but an athlete

Weight gain is like Gollum said … “sneaky”.

But all of my clients have one thing in common, they want or need to lose weight but don’t know where to find a solution. A lot of them are “stuck” or have the Infamous “yoyo”problem (down 2, up 3 … etc.).

Don’t wait to make the change in your life. Take control now

Just imagine being able to tap into your own body fat and use it as FUEL for your body. Watch the pounds & ounces; inches melt away. So, what is the Solution? …


When we eat regularly in the “normal routine” consuming breakfast, lunch and dinner we are using glucose as the fuel for the cells. Under this approach one needs to keep filling the tank on a frequent basis, so the body has fuel to operate. Weight loss under using this approach involves reducing calories, eating 2-5 times per day. It can take a LONG time to lose the weight and more many, especially those over 35, simply does not work at all.

The other source of energy comes from fat. When the body breaks fat down is produces ketones which thecells can use for fuel. Just like the hybrid car, using electricity, you have to ramp up the fatburning system but once is ignited is it a longer-lasting source of fuel (more like coal than kindling).

And for those interested in weight loss it is … bye bye belly fat using this approach.

My approach will help you by:

  1. Identifying the best fasting regiment required by your bodytype that works for your lifestyle
  2. Developing a Menu Plan Designed for You that’s Simple, Easy and Natural (no shakes or potions)
  3. Expert advice and a step-by-step program that delivers RAPID and PERMANENT weight loss every time
  4. Daily tracking and On Call Advice to Keep you On Track
  5. A System and Approach that will RESET your metabolism for the long term (ending the Yo-Yo cycle)
  6. A Fun Online Community of Active and Past Clients for Support and Advice

Traditional Weight Loss vs. Intermittent Fasting

Traditional weight typically involves reducing calories (counting calories daily) and can include an exercise program for “improved results”. Traditional weight loss is based on the glucose energy system.

My approach using Intermittent Fasting places the body into ketosis, where ketones are used for fuel. The chart below compares the two approaches. Which program is right for you?

Traditional Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting
Energy source Glucose coming from food/muscle Ketones from body fat
Target healthy fat burn 1 lb /week 2-6 lbs per week
Number of meals per day 3 meals +1-2snacks 2 meals
Risk of muscle loss High if reducing calories too quickly Low (ketosis protects muscles)
Stability of
Will slow down if weight loss too quick with risk of weight gain after program Stable does not drop with less risk
Weight loss results Slow Fast
Energy Level Same or less Same or higher
Hunger Yes None
Mental Clarity Same Significant Improvement
Cravings Same Reduced / Gone

When you are fasting, your body needs fuel and because the glucose from food is no longer available the body turns to fat as its fuel source. When the body breaks down fat it supplies the body with “ketones”. Ketones now replace glucose as the fuel source for all your cells including muscle and the brain cells. The result is your body has fuel, you feel good, you’re not hungry and best of all you start burning your body fat losing inches and pounds.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Faster weight loss and improved body composition (lower body fat percentage)
  • Better managed glucose levels
  • an increase in energy level
  • stem cells stimulation to produce new healthy cells.
  • removal of damaged cells thought to be source of diseases
  • improves mental clarity and concentration.
  • decreases inflammation.
  • better muscle maintenance
  • Reduction of belly fat critical to long term health

Weight Loss Case Studies

Dawn from Toronto lost 18.9 pounds using Dr. Sher Bovay's Weight Loss technique


Weight Loss: 18.9 lbs
Waist Shrink: 5″
Hips Shrink: 4″
Energy: High
Heartburn: Gone
Cravings: Gone


Weight Loss: 30 lbs
Waist Shrink: 4.5″
Hips Shrink: 4.5″
Inflammation: Gone
Confidence: Sky High

Is this right for You?

Let’s talk. Call me and let’s begin the necessary discussion and journey together to help you be the person you want to be in a safe and healthy manner with all of the benefits I have mentioned already. I will be your personal weight loss navigator, motivator & accountability partner. Let me help you turn on the fat burning system!

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