Breakthrough Weight Loss Program Details

Learn more about this amazing program that will help you to breakthrough and reach your weight loss goal

1/ Initial Consultation

This assessment helps us determine realistic goals for you. It also helps me determine the best personalized approach to set you up for success.

This Includes:

  • Health History, Body Measurements, BMI, Body Composition
  • Assessment of Obstacles to weight loss – lifestyle, behavioral, stress and sleep
  • Personalized Program Development Food Plan, Food log, Tracking sheet

2/ Follow-up Sessions

These sessions will help keep you on track through-out the program. We can identify obstacles as they arise and problem solve solutions so you can over-come them once- and- for- all using behavioral modification techniques as well as Neuroemotional Techniques to help with unconscious blocks. The constant monitoring of your results from the Body composition testing gives immediate feedback to make sure you are losing weight from fat and maintaining your muscle and that your body is thriving during the process.

  • Six 30 minute weekly sessions followed by two 30 minute biweekly sessions
  • Checking Progress by measuring results (weight, body composition, body measurements), tracking food intake and discussing related health and wellbeing issues
  • Coaching to overcome all obstacles including behavioral, stress and sleep
  • Addressing sabotaging beliefs, thinking patterns and subconscious blocks by using N.E.T.

3/ Ongoing Email Support

This access to me will help keep you on track by checking your progress, monitoring your results, and providing coaching to overcome obstacles using behavioural modification strategies as well as Neuroemotional Techniques.

4/ Maintenance Food Plan & Strategies

You will be set up with a food plan and techniques to maintain your weight loss after you have completed the program. I have an approach to help you maintain your weight loss that is easy, and allows for flexibility so it is a long term solution. No more yoyo dieting. Keep your weight off for good!

This Program is for you if:

  • You have tried many things to lose weight and feel that you are STUCK
  • You have struggled with your weight most of your life
  • You do not have the time or energy to figure it all out
  • You value an expert’s opinion and support
  • You prefer natural methods to health and wellness
  • You are open-minded to new approaches
  • You think you would benefit from a physical, mental and emotional approach
  • You are sick and tired of your weight taking up so much of your valuable time and attention in your life

Your next step to work with me

Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Consultation phone call with me where you will:

  • Create realistic expectations for your weight loss journey
  • Discover the #1 trigger keeping you from losing weight
  • Identify the important action steps to losing weight and feeling better
  • Discover if my approach is right for you