Body Freedom Principle #2 – Having A Powerful WHY

Body Freedom Principle 2

You can’t talk about Body Freedom without talking about your mindset. 

As I’ve said before, this is so much more than just the numbers on the scale. 

It’s about feeling completely empowered to make mindful choices over food and getting to the point where you love your body, are comfortable in your body, and can have an amazing lifestyle that is healthy and does not require that you micromanage every meal you have.

So mindset is a huge factor. 

The 2nd principle to Body Freedom is having a Powerful WHY that keeps you on track while you lose weight to give you long term motivation to keep making healthy choices to maintain your weight afterwards.


When your reason for wanting to get healthier and lose weight resonates with the things that are most important to you it will make it so much easier to stick to your plan so you can reach your goals.

Motivation is not strong enough and sustainable  if it’s coming from a place of: “I want to look good for my high school reunion” or “I want to look good for my friend’s wedding.” 

While these can definitely be influences to get you started, they aren’t enough when it comes to achieving the ultimate goal which is body freedom. 

We’re talking about permanently putting the whole challenge of losing weight behind you, not just hitting a goal on the scale to then have it creep up again.

Your “why” doesn’t just mean an impulsive urge to lose weight (these bursts of motivation and excitement are often short-lived) 

To achieve true sustainable motivation you need a deeper, intrinsic reason that will push you through the hard times and keep you on track. 

You may be thinking…”yeah yeah, heard that one before” right?

This is a real thing. This is a HUGE thing.

And if you’re not using it in your daily life you’re missing out on creating more ease in your life.

Body Freedom Circle

Digging deep and truly finding your Why that resonates with you to your core, that hits on your values, and tugs on your heart, that’s what’s going to help you when things get busy or hard.

That’s what’s going to make this less of a struggle when the going gets tough.

Think about it, losing weight is about more than just looking better or a number of the scale. 

It’s about your desire to feel a certain way, it’s about showing yourself more love and care, it’s about believing you’re worth it. 

The only way that you can do this is by really connecting your reason for wanting to lose weight with the things that are important to you – and only you can answer that.

Ask yourself: what is your “why”? 

Then ask yourself several more times: “but why is that important to me?” 

When you get to the crux of it, often it’s quite an emotional feeling, and that’s what you need to hang on to. 

You will then have a much higher likelihood of following through to the other side, and achieving Body Freedom.

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