Body Freedom Principle #1 – A Solid Game Plan

Body Freedom Principle 1

One of the biggest mistakes I see from people trying to lose weight is not having a clear plan.

There might be some motivation to losing weight and some thoughts on how.

But without a clear specific plan it can be hard to start & also stick with.

That’s why this video focuses on the first principle of Body Freedom: having a Game Plan. 


It’s totally understandable, there is A LOT of information on how to lose weight. And it can be overwhelming and get very confusing.

This is where having clarity and structure through a Game Plan will help eliminate the confusion.

That’s what’s going to get you to your goal and give you long term results. Because if it’s something you can’t keep up long term the weight is just going to come back.

Not having to overthink every meal and make several decisions just to eat is going to make it so much easier to not falter. You don’t get caught unprepared at the end of the day or when you’re tired and just don’t have it in you to think about what to eat. 

So go into your weight loss goal with a solid clear structured plan to achieve the best results.

Doing so will bring you one step closer to body freedom 🙂 

Body Freedom Circle

It’s also not just about finding the perfect diet and hitting a target on the scale. 

To really have body freedom you need to have a solid plan that’s right for YOU. 

What works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

And (here’s the mind twist) what worked for you in the past might not work for you now 🤯

Our bodies change

We age and as we do so we have hormonal changes, metabolism changes, changes that affect the biochemistry in our bodies.

And that means what worked in the past may not work as well anymore. That was certainly true for me when I ran into weight issues 10 years ago and my typical strategies were not working for my 50 year old body. 

You need to find something that works right for you and what you’re dealing with now. 

Which makes it harder, I know

That’s why it is great to look at all options and speak to a health professional who can determine what your current obstacles are and what you specifically need to do instead. 

By having a plan that gives clarity and structure, you know what you’re doing, when you want to eat and how much and what.

This will move you forward faster in the direction you want to go and give you more body freedom along the way.

If you’re looking for guidance or help with your plan, book a short 15 minute assessment call so you can learn more about my program and what might work for you.