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A number of my clients have come to me having heard of or having tried an HCG weight loss program in the past. I thought it would be helpful to compare the HCG Diet with my Breakthrough Weight Loss Program.

For those who have not heard of it, HCG, is a very low-fat, very low-calorie diet.Β  It is often used while taking either an over the counter hormone (which is no longer readily available) or a hormone shot via an injection.Β  While it may have worked for some it is somewhat controversial, as per the Mayo Clinic.Β 

HCG Diet vs. Breakthrough Weight Loss Program

HCG Breakthrough Program
Dietary restrictions
during program
Very limitedMore variety, higher
nutrient value
Target healthy fat burn2-6 lbs / week2-6 lbs / week
Number of meals per day2-3 meals2 meals
Risk of muscle lossModerate to
Low (ketosis protects
Weight loss resultsFastFast
CravingsReducedReduced / Gone
Supplement During
(carries risk)
All-natural solution,
no risk
Injections RequiredYesNo
Maintenance of Weight
Transitioning from diet to
long-term lifestyle
Behavioural ModificationNoneYes
Risk of long-term
hormonal imbalance
Risk No risk

If you heard of the HCG program or have tried it in the past and are looking for an alternative, I’d love to chat. Simply reach out to me on the link below and lets set up a time to discuss if my program is right for you.

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