How Rosemary Beat The Battle With Yoyo-ing

“There was a time when I hid from the scale, hated my kitchen (don’t even mention my closet!), and went through an endless cycle of gaining and dropping weight so fast that even a yoyo would get whiplash.

I fought for every single pound and tried every diet to do it.

But the truth? All that yo-yo dieting was exhausting—I could barely remember if I was on a diet or “allowed” to eat something, and I never knew which jeans (skinny or forgiving) were going to fit the way I wanted them to.

What was worse was that none of this dieting lasted. None of them were sustainable over the long term.  The biggest fear I had with trying Dr. Bovay’s Break Throguh Weight Loss Program was not losing the weight but keeping if off over time.”

I would like to introduce you to Rosemary, she is a past client and has introduced many of her friends and colleagues to my program.

I know what you’re thinking … ”great another fad diet”.   But there is an immense amount of studies to support this style of eating and along with a system and support it’s possible to sustain.

Rosemary from Toronto shed pounds using Dr. Sher Bovay's Weight Loss technique

That’s why I created my FastLane Reboot™ Program. I work with people who have struggled with their weight most of their lives, and those who have tried many things to shed the pounds but feel stuck and just can’t do it.

In addition to the initial the weight loss, my program, using intermittent fasting, helps my clients help keep it off by:

  • Decreasing hunger and cravings – due to regulation of the appetite controlling hormones, leptin and ghrelin.
  • Increasing energy, less fatigue – due to improved energy efficiency at a cellular level.
  • Increasing you sense of vitality
  • Increasing your metabolism and muscle growth – due to an increase in human growth hormone.

Most of all I love the confidence and self-love this diet creates in my clients. It’s such a relief after the pressure and frustration of yoyo dieting.

Want more info about Intermittent Fasting? I have created a 16 page guide on it’s benefits, how it works, how to use it to help you, and more…..

Let’s stop the yoyo dieting and simply and truly be satisfied with how you feel!

Here’s to a healthier you!