Why Reducing Calories & Carbs Keeps Women over 40 Trapped in their Weight Loss Journey


One of the more common strategies that people decide to use to lose weight is to cut calories, cut carbs, and then expect the weight to drop and the belly to disappear.  That approach can work when we’re in our 20s and 30s, but what happens as we get older?  Due to the increase in age and the added belly fat, our bodies change, including our hormones and metabolism. With these internal changes, eating less food and eating fewer carbs does not seem to shed the fat.  So, what can we do? We need an approach that will address these internal changes to kickstart the weight loss.  This was my personal experience when I put on extra weight and tried to lose it in my early 50s.  Due to my frustration and worry about my weight challenges back then, I came across the methodology I currently use, and it works amazingly well for women over 40.

Internal Obstacles to Weight Loss: Metabolism and Hormones

As we get older, our metabolism changes, and we start to lose muscle.  When we lose muscle, our metabolism slows down.  This is why a different approach is needed for weight loss, and we can only cut down our calories and carbs so much otherwise, the metabolism will drop even more.  The other obstacle is that when a person is carrying belly fat, that fat is very active tissue. Belly fat releases a lot of cytokines which are biochemicals that act as messengers in the body.  These cytokines from belly fat interfere with healthy communication affecting hormones.   The result is that the body does not regulate itself properly, making it difficult to lose weight.    The analogy I use for belly fat in the body is like bad WiFi in your house.  None of the systems relying on good WiFi can work properly, causing a breakdown.  The belly fat creates chaos in the body. When you try to lose weight using the method of cutting calories and cutting carbs that worked in your younger years, it becomes less effective because the obstacle is internal dysregulation.  My methodology transforms the bad WiFi connection into good, strong, powerful WiFi to calm the chaos and support your weight loss.

Body Freedom Strategy

What can you do if cutting calories and carbs is not working? You need to look at a strategy that will reboot your WiFi or, in other words, your body, particularly if you are over 40.  You’ll notice if you’re following the old strategy for weight loss, it’s not working.  That’s a strong indicator your body needs a reboot; it needs something different.  

This is why having the right Game Plan to lose weight is the first principle of my Body Freedom Program™ based on 5 key principles.    This is what rebooted my body, so I had my breakthrough and lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks after months of no progress cutting carbs and calories and I have kept it off.  The first principle is to have the right  Game Plan; without the right plan, to start with, or it will not work.  

Second, people must remember it’s not just about weight loss.   It is also about reaching this final phase of Body Freedom™, which is where you have a body you like, you have a healthy mindset around food, where you feel good, have healthy habits and a lifestyle you enjoy.  This is the ultimate outcome that my clients want and achieve, and it is certainly what I have been able to create for myself.  

Body Freedom™

Once you have freedom in your body, mindset and lifestyle, you can put this entire weight loss journey behind you. This does not happen overnight, nor is it a quick fix to approach weight loss.  Ultimately,  to get to this point means that this entire area of your life does not need to be all-consuming or define who you are and how you live your life.  Ideally, you want to eat well, have a healthy body and healthy mindset so you can carry on to do great things and live a fulfilling life.  People who have come to me before achieving  Body freedom™  have  felt stuck in their lifestyle. They are/were tired of cutting calories, cutting carbs, doing diets and just micromanaging their food and lifestyle.  They’ve become OCD and rigid with food because they’ve noticed one small change, and their weight goes up, so even if they are able to maintain their weight, they still feel very trapped.  That is not Freedom.   Having Body Freedom™ means living a fulfilling life, using the right game plan and strategies to live freely.

Lasting Freedom

Body Freedom Method™ is effective because the body and mind are set up to be successful.  Your body works for you at your present age.  Your body quickly rids itself of unwanted belly fat with rapid weight loss. Still, it’s done safely where the body naturally returns to its healthy regulated state making it easier to maintain your weight.  Along with that body reset, this method teaches you the other key principles that work cohesively as part of the Body Freedom™ method; you’ll establish sustainable routines that are simple, straightforward and become second nature that you can do forever; you establish the strategies to do course corrections so if you do overindulge because of enjoying the holidays, special occasion or vacation you can drop that extra bit of weight.  There is zero guilt, and because you’re empowered with the right method, you are confident of your course correction strategies and then go back to maintenance and can have lasting freedom.If you’re looking to lose weight this spring and you want a permanent solution and like the idea of achieving  Body Freedom™ and you’re intrigued to learn about the strategies that are right for you at this age of over 40, then reach out and book a complimentary consultation call.