The #1 Reason People Hesitate in Starting a New Weight Loss Plan…They don’t believe they will stick with it


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A very  typical conversation I have with most people before they sign up to do my weight loss program is about their concern that they’re not going to stick with the plan. This worry is very common, and even when they have made the decision to enroll in the program they will often say, “I’m really excited, but I’m really nervous. I’m nervous I’m not going to do it. I’m worried I’m not going to stick with it”. 

Now, why do they feel that way? 

Usually, they have a history of not sticking to their weight loss plans in the past whether it is being supervised or doing it on their own so they carry their past weight loss baggage with them.  The bottom line is they’re bringing all of this sort of worry and concern with them, saying, “OK, how is it going to be different this time? Am I going to stick with it?” This is especially true if you’re looking at an investment of time and effort and energy and money, it’s a big deal. Why  would anybody want to set themselves up to fail? Nobody wants to do that.  In this blog and next week’s blog, I am going to help you push through this self-doubting mindset so you can feel more confident when you do start a program but also help you understand what to look for in your next approach for weight loss by understanding the causes for the obstacles in the past.

When you have the ability to look at your past attempts and determine what set you back last time,  the real underlying reason why you didn’t stick with a weight loss plan then you’ll understand what was missing. You’ll be able to see  what you needed and why you didn’t stick with it. Then going forward, you can feel more confident, more assured that, that  if you can fill that gap from your last attempt then you will be able to stick with it, whether you’re doing it yourself or whether it’s with a supervised program . The reasons for these past challenges and gaps can be because of issues with the body or issues with the mind.  In today’s blog, I am focusing on issues with the body that can affect one’s ability to stick with a plan and next week the focus will be on issues with mindset.

The Body

Weight Loss is always a mind-body experience. From a body standpoint, generally, there’s a couple of issues that will contribute to a person  not being able to stick to their weight loss plan. The most common issue is not getting results, or the weight loss results are extremely slow. That was my personal experience, years ago when I was doing everything right to lose weight, and I was barely losing any weight. I would lose maybe half a pound in a week, and then the slightest thing and my weight would go up, it drove me crazy. I hear this from a lot of people, “I just can’t seem to lose the weight, even when  I stick with it.” When you’re giving something a good effort and not getting results, over time, you’re going to give up; that’s human nature. That’s what led me to this discovery, another method for weight loss, which is ideal for women over 40 so they can see regular loss of weight that is healthy and highly motivating. 

An Approach with Results

If the reason you did not stick to your plan was that you were not getting good results then it is just a matter of finding another approach that is right for your body. Just ask yourself, if you were seeing good results daily or every other day do you think you would have stuck with your plan in the past?  If the answer is yes then the issue wasn’t that you could not stick to a plan, the issue was that you were using the wrong approach for you and your body.  There are many different approaches out there for weight loss, and  what our bodies need change over the years from our 20s, 30s, 40s and on. So, it was simply you just didn’t have the right approach. Going forward, you need to use an approach that’s right for your body at this age, with the hormonal and metabolism changes.  If you use an approach that is right for you, then you’ll find that you’ll be getting better results and you will be empowered to stick with it. I hear this from clients who have struggled in the past and as a result were not sticking to their plan,  but once they start seeing results on a daily or every other day basis that feeds their motivation which of course further feeds their desire and their commitment to stick with it and follow through. It’s not that they can’t or won’t stick with a plan; they just need to see the results. The first key principle of the five principles within my Body Freedom Method is called,  Game Plan.  This means making sure to have a plan first and make sure it is the right plan for you and your body. 

Were you Thriving

The other issue from a body standpoint is how you’re physically feeling while on a weight loss plan.  Look at your past attempts at losing weight when you were not able to stick with it  and think about how you  were feeling?  If you were feeling tired, hungry, moody and just not feeling well,  then that’s a significant  reason for not being able to stick with a plan. If you’re eating in a way that causes your body to not thrive, then your body’s telling you something. Quite frankly when you’re losing weight and you are doing it correctly, you should have lots of energy, you won’t be hungry, digestion should be  good, and you should feel clear-headed.  When you feel fantastic and are thriving physically and mentally, then sticking with a plan is 10 times easier.

Thriving on the Right Plan

I recently had a client who had been trying to lose weight before working with me and at that time she was following a keto diet plan and exercising.  She was losing weight but she was tired, had low energy and was suffering from some digestion issues.  Of course, over time she found it harder to stick with that plan because of how she was feeling.  She listened to her body and decided that that approach was not right for her.  She went onto my program which is still based on ketosis but using more intermittent fasting than the strict ketogenic diet.   Needless to say, she definitely lost weight but more importantly she felt much better so her motivation and desire to stick to the plan was solid. 

The other key factor to keep in mind when choosing an approach for losing weight is that you want to be eating in such a way while losing weight, that you can build upon  once you hit your weight loss goal so that you can make a smooth transition into a lifestyle that allows you to maintain your weight with ease. 

Ask yourself, did you have a hard time sticking to your weight loss plan in the past because of one of these body issues discussed above such as not seeing results or not feeling energetic and satisfied?  If yes then just know that once you have the right game plan next time where  you see consistent results coupled with feeling fantastic and thriving then, you’re going to have a much higher likelihood of sticking with your weight loss plan.   You got this!!!

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