Mindset and Follow Through on a Weight Loss Plan


This blog is part two on the topic of why people do not stick to a weight loss plan.  When I first speak with people during their complimentary consultation with me they often say that they worry about whether they will be able to stick to any weight loss program. This is because of past experiences where they haven’t been able to stick with it, whether they’re doing it themselves or under supervision.   One of the ways to break through this worry and anxiety is to clearly identify what happened before and what contributed to you not sticking with it.  When you identify the causes, then you’ll know what you need going forward so you can feel more confident in yourself. In my previous blog  I focused  weight loss with respect to the impact it has on the body and how some of those challenges can affect a person’s ability to stick with a plan.   

This week’s blog is about the mindset and the impact it can have on a person’s ability to stick with a plan.   There are three main issues that will impact mindset.

Listen to the video blog to hear what these issues are and how to overcome them.

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