Interview on Zoomer Radio – My 5 Key Principles

Sher Bovay Radio Interview The Tonic

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jamie Bussin, the host of the health and wellness show, The Tonic on Zoomer Radio.

This is the 2nd interview in a series of 3 that will be aired over the next few months.  In this interview we discuss why it is so difficult to maintain weight after completing a weight loss plan. This is the Holy Grail of weight loss.  The statistics show that after 2 years there is a 50% weight gain and at the 5 year mark 80% have gained weight.  This demonstrates how challenging it can be to keep the weight off.  

The good news is that it is possible to keep the weight off but in order to do that there are 5 key principles that a person needs to make sure they incorporate into their weight loss plan so they can transition into weight maintenance successfully.  Many people focus just on the end result of hitting their goal weight instead of asking themselves what will happen after they lose the weight.  Will they have the tools and mindset they need to maintain the loss while still having a great lifestyle and not having to micromanage their food for ever.  

Jamie and I discuss each of these principles and I explain the significance of each of them and how they impact successful long term weight maintenance.

The 5 Key Principles are:

  1. Having a Game Plan that will not only give you the structure and tools to lose weight but will also give you the structure you need that allows for more flexibility that will work for you as a long term  lifestyle 
  2. Having a Powerful Why so your reason for losing weight is meaningful enough that it will keep you focused and motivated to want to maintain your weight and continue to stick with your healthy habits majority of the time
  3. Creating Habits and Routines as part of losing weight that you can build upon so they are sustainable when maintaining weight as part of a lifelong lifestyle. 
  4. Having Course Correction strategies that are simple and clear so you know exactly what to do to correct for small amounts of weight gain that are just part of  part of life.
  5. Learning the Art of Flexibility around food and habits so you have a foundation of healthy habits that are easy and enjoyable to follow 80% of the time yet there is room for the addition of extra indulgences 20% of the time to make life enjoyable and contribute to long term sustainability with ease. 

Listen to my interview on @zoomer_radio @thetonictalkshow with Jamie Bussin @jamiebussin.

As you listen, see if you can identify which of these Principles has been missing in your past attempts to lose weight resulting in making the maintenance of your weight impossible.  Leaving your stuck on the rollercoaster ride of weight loss and weight gain.   

Once you understand which Principles were missing from your weight loss plans in the past, then you will know what you need to look for in your next plan.  This way you will have everything you need in order to maintain your weight without needing to micromanage your food forever. 

If you find this interview interesting then stay tuned to listen to my third interview  which is about the Why the Calorie in Calorie out model for weight loss does not work for many women and men over age 40 and what does workThe Tonic can be found at Zoomer Radio 96.7 FM or 740 AM. Alternatively, visit to listen to the podcast!!

I will also be releasing the recording after Nov 6th on all of my social media platforms, Facebook or Instagram as well as featuring it in my Blog later in November.   So stay tuned!!!