7 Tips: Sticking to Your Weight Loss plan in Social Situations

Summer is HERE!!!  The Lockdown Rules are Loosening up !!!  Time to get out and socialize.

This is very exciting and it is going to be so great to gather with friends and family again even if it is outdoors and with a little extra space between us still.

Of course many of these gatherings are likely going to involve food and drink!!!  For somebody who is trying to lose weight and following a food plan there is a good chance that all this socializing could present them with some challenges.

Motivation to stay on track and keep losing weight may be high but the desire to connect with friends and family over some meals and drinks will also be strong as well.  So how can people do both!!!

Here are some suggestions that will help to set people up for success so they can get out or entertain and are still able to stay on track with their weight loss plan.  These scenarios include going to somebody’s home, going to a restaurant and even entertaining at home.   A little bit of prep mentally will make the world of difference.

Socializing Warm up for Successful Weight Loss

  1. Do not go to an event too hungry. If dinner could be delayed it is better to have a small snack with some veg, protein or a little fat to take the edge off.  If you are too hungry it is making it much more difficult to stay on track. You are only human after all
  2. If going to a person’s home and if it is appropriate you can ask beforehand what is going to be served so you can have a mental plan in place of what you will eat and if necessary  even bring your own food with you that you know you can eat….but sometimes that is not always possible depending upon the situation.
  3. If going to somebody’s home, offer to bring food, especially  appetizers (veggie platter with healthy dips) and/or fruit for dessert.  This way you know there will be food you can eat  over pre-dinner drinks and during dessert eat so you can still feel part of the entire event while still staying on plan
  4. Regarding alcohol, if you are not drinking at all on  your plan then bring something to drink that you will enjoy that is part of your plan.  Drinking plain water is not very exciting.  A nice mineral water with slices of lemons/limes/cucumber/berries will be the envy of others.  Even have your drink in a wine glass so you feel you are still part of everything.
  5. If you are going to a restaurant look at the menu before you go so you have a plan as to what you will order.  This will minimize temptations and as well you can even call the restaurant ahead of time if you want to ask any questions or see what modifications are possible.  This gets you mentally prepared because you have a clear plan and it also avoids you possibly feeling awkward at the table if you don’t want to be asking a lot of questions in front of your guests
  6. If you have the opportunity to have a say in choosing the restaurant then get involved in that decision.  This way you can make sure there is food on the menu that you can order and just as importantly  that you will enjoy.  Just because you are on a weight loss plan doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be able to  enjoy the meal – so make sure there is food available that you would enjoy eating.
  7. Remember that the point of socializing is to spend time with friends and family – Mentally remind yourself about this purpose of gathering with others and focus on that aspect of the evening and make it less about the food.

I hope you found this information helpful.If you want to learn more:

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