Zoomer Radio – 3 Obstacles to Weight Loss for People over age 40

I had the  pleasure of being interviewed by Jamie Bussin, the host of the health and wellness show, The Tonic on Zoomer Radio.

This is the first interview in a series of 3 that will be aired over the next few months.  In this first interview our discussion is about why it is harder to lose weight once over the age of 40.  This is true for many people whether they have had a long history of gaining and losing weight  over the years or this most recent weight gain is new for them.  

Having over 15 years experience in the weight loss field and as well having had my own challenges after I turned 50 I have worked with hundreds of people and have heard all their stories regarding why they cannot seem to lose their weight including not being able to keep it off when they have lost it.  Over the years I have noticed definite patterns with these obstacles and I have been able to categorize the obstacles into 3 main buckets.

These 3 buckets are:

  1. Body is Stuck and not responding to weight loss efforts
  2. Lack of Consistency with their efforts so they are unable to lose any weight or reach their final goal.
  3. Cannot manage maintaining weight so they have a history of losing weight just to gain it back again – the Yoyo Effect.

Weight loss is not just a body experience, it is a mind and body experience.  In this interview I elaborate on these 3 buckets, what contributes to them and explain how changes in the body with age can contribute to the obstacles but also how mindset and lifestyle also play a major role in making weight loss more difficult after age 40.

Listen to my interview on @zoomer_radio @thetonictalkshow with Jamie Bussin @jamiebussin.

As you listen, see if you can identify your own obstacles and if they fall into just one of the buckets or possibly more than one bucket.  Once you identify your obstacles then you will be able to determine what approach or support you need so that you can successfully lose your unhealthy weight and set yourself up to keep it off.

If you find this interview interesting then stay tuned to listen to my second interview which is about the 5 Key Principles to achieving successful and sustainable weight loss.  This episode will air on The Tonic,  Zoomer Radio on Oct 2nd between 11 am – 12 pm EST.  The Tonic can be found at Zoomer Radio 96.7 FM or 740 AM. Alternatively, visit https://zoomerradio.ca/programs/the-tonic/ to listen to the podcast!!

I will also be releasing the recording after Oct 2nd on all of my social media platforms, Facebook or Instagram as well as featuring it in my Blog later in October.   So stay tuned!!!