Top 5 Myths on Breakfast

Myth 1: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
One question that always comes up with my clients is this strongly held belief.  From the time we were children this was the cardinal rule we grew up with.
Breaking ones fast and breakfast as the most important meal were only really linked in the 50’s as a cultural imperative, largely as a result of the package goods industry.   If you are on an intermittent fasting program, which places your body into ketos missing breakfast is a critical component part of the regime.    Giving your body a 16-hour window of no food has significant transformative effects beyond weight loss (more to come on this).   Note if you have been using a traditional weight loss program, using the reduced carb route having a modified breakfast is important.

Myth 2. Eating breakfast helps control hunger
This is a big one.  When I tell my clients that during the weight loss period of the program they must skip breakfast this often comes up.
Again, it really come downs to the weight loss program you are following.  If you are on a traditional carb diet program than yes, a light breakfast can help control hunger.  Try to avoid foods high in glucose and starch, try for a protein rich breakfast instead.  If you are on an intermittent fasting program putting your body properly into ketosis you should not feel hunger pains, except for the first couple of days on average.

Myth 3. Eating breakfast improves concentration
The assumption here is 100% yes.  Actually, it really is dependent on the weight loss program, you are following.  Intermittent fasting actually can dramatically improve concentration, I have heard from many of my clients that their early morning “brain fog” vanished when they were fasting.  This is often a function of putting the body into ketosis, which has been demonstrated [link] to improve cognitive ability.
If one is following a more traditional weight loss program breakfast becomes more important as it is more important to moderate one’s glucose levels throughout the day.

Myth 4: Drinking too much coffee in the morning will dehydrate you.
Oh, please tell me that’s not true, I am a serious morning coffee fan(atic).  Fortunately, while coffee does cause some dehydration it isMorning coffee not significant.

Start your day with a glass or two of water while the coffee is brewing and you’re good to go for the morning.

Myth 5. Skipping breakfast causes weight gain
Under an intermitting fasting program, skipping breakfast is an essential part of the program, as the body needs around 16 hours of fasting to put your metabolism into ketosis.    Certainly, under an intermittent fasting program skipping breakfast accelerates weight loss.

If one if following a more traditional low carb, low fat diet program skipping breakfast can cause weight gain depending on the type and total calories consumed that day.   Other studies have shown (Columbia University study) that only individuals who skipped breakfast lost weight.   Bottom line, it’s a bit complicated.