Which One for You? Traditional Weight Loss vs Intermittent Fasting

I get asked the question all of the time, in person and in particular through social media, “Which approach is the best one for me, traditional weight loss vs. intermittent fasting.”   I used to only use the traditional weight loss approach for my clients, then I came across Intermittent Fasting and for the most part this is the program I recommend for my patients.

Traditional Weight Loss vs. Intermittent Fasting


Traditional weight typically involves reducing calories (counting calories daily) and can include an exercise program for “improved results”. Traditional weight loss is based on the glucose energy system. 


My approach using Intermittent Fasting places the body into ketosis, where ketones are used for fuel, like a hybrid car using electricity. The chart below compares the two approaches. Which program is right for you?

When you are fasting, your body needs fuel and because the glucose from food is no longer available the body turns to fat as its fuel source. When the body breaks down fat it supplies the body with “ketones”. Ketones now replace glucose as the fuel source for all your cells including muscle and the brain cells. The result is your body has fuel, you feel good, you’re not hungry and best of all you start burning your body fat losing inches and pounds.

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