Fresh Fish and Vegetable, Low Carb Recipe

This keto dinner consists of a lean protein and a vegetable. You will grill your choice of fish. I suggest 4 oz of grilled Salmon, but if it is not your desire you may substitute it for 4 oz of grilled Cod or 4 oz of Tilapia. Your meal will not include any added fat, you may use a non stick spray such as PAM or a Coconut oil spray. For your salad you may use vinegar, sea salt, ground pepper, Mrs. Dash or a No Fat, No Sugar, No calorie dressing (like a Walden Farms). Enjoy!


Fresh or Dried Vegetables: Squash, summer, zucchini, with skin, raw 1 cup, chopped (4.4 oz)
Fresh or Dried Vegetables: Asparagus, raw, edible portion 1 cup (4.7 oz)
Fish: Salmon, Atlantic, cooked with dry heat 1.5 serving (4.0 oz)
Fresh Salad: Tasty Greens Mix, Fancy Greens 3 cup (1.2 oz)