Penny’s Personal Journey Using Intermittent Fasting

I was recently asked by a colleague what was the main motivation behind my practice.  It’s really all about the stories I hear from my clients.  I thought I would share one with you from Penny.  Here in her own words is her story.

A Personal Transformation Journey

Hi Dr. Sher,

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how grateful I am that I decided to try one more time to lose this extra layer that’s been literally weighing on me, my joints, my organs and my spirit. Also, that I chose you to help me!

As you know from our sessions, I’ve tried everything! Weight Watcher weigh-ins every week for 6 months, celebrating every tiny ounce I managed to lose by counting every single point. I spent two years getting up at 5am to meet my personal trainer at the gym, pushing my body to the limit and restricting my food to the extreme and only managed to lose 20 pounds that came back as 30+ over the next year after my body gave up and I fired my trainer.

That before photo is me on an 18-kilometer hike, it took a lot of energy and work to get that body to climb over logs, rocks and hills. There aren’t many photos of me at that time, I really didn’t want a constant reminder of having to purchase men’s XXL hiking pants (since all of the “active” women’s sizes stopped at size 12 and I was a size 18). The after photo I clearly had no problem posing for as not only was the dress size 8, I felt amazing! My hormones had levelled out (not easy at 45), my joint inflammation was gone and clearly my confidence had sky-rocketed. (and those logs, rocks and hills are no longer an issue on my hikes!!)

A year later I still feel amazing, I get to indulge occasionally and have the tricks and tools to quickly get myself back on track. With my new body set point I feel that things continue to be easily managed.

Thank you again, feel free to share the photos with anyone who needs some inspiration.