Amazing Discoveries: Intermittent Fasting – Got My Body Back

As a health professional you would think that I would be the spitting image of health … but the reality was suddenly none of my favourite clothes were fitting me anymore. I felt embarrassed, frustrated and a fraud telling others how to manage their health when I could not handle my own.

I tried all my old techniques including hitting the gym, hiring a personal trainer, eating reduced calories meals, low carb, high protein, going to my naturopath, doing cleanses and taking additional supplements.   I was shocked to find out that everything I was doing to feel at home in my body again in my 40’s was no longer working.

😕 I felt completely stuck, frustrated, discouraged and hopeless.

I got to the point that I had had enough, but I was not yet prepared to settle with this new reality … not being to fit into my favourite clothes while suffering new aches and pains. So, I dove into the research and started looking for a viable solution that would work for me

Through my search I came across this revolutionary approach that seemed to break all the rules that I had been taught and had used successfully in the past. I didn’t even share them with my colleagues or friends because I thought they would have laughed at me when I told them what I was looking into. Even though it was supported by a solid pool of scientific evidence, I really didn’t believe it would work for me, but I still decided to push forward and give it a try. I became my own Guinea Pig.

I used this simple approach on myself and within 6 WEEKS was back to my old self, feeling confident and wearing my skinny jeans again! I was SHOCKED and AMAZED that it could be so effective. But could I maintain it over time? 👍 Well, it’s been 5 years now and my body is right where I want it to be. The best part is that I have complete confidence that when I have a weekend away and a little indulgence I know that I can make specific corrections based on this approach the next week and I will be right back at my preferred baseline within a couple of days.

I have since refined and simplified the approach, based on intermittent fasting. and have created a 4 Phase System that I have successfully used with 1000’s of clients who are back to wearing their favourite clothes again.

While I used this approach to get my body back (20lbs in 6 weeks!) I was surprised at the additional benefits that I experience during the fasting phase:

  • My energy levels increased dramatically
  • My aches and pains vanished, due to reduced inflammation based on a healthy diet
  • My brain fog lifted, and I had a dramatic increase in mental clarity and ability to focus for longer periods

And my belly fat melted away.

This program is for you IF……

1) You are over 40 who has experienced a change in your body and wants to feel great again.

2) You are looking for a simple, healthy and natural solution that you can easily integrate into your busy lifestyle.

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