54 year old female, L.R.

I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday, felt great and I haven’t been able to do that for years.

41 year old female, H.M.

The main benefit of this program for me was it resolved a longstanding mystery regarding my body’s weight loss patterns. This was a huge relief

43 year old male, E.D.

In 6 weeks the weight loss was amazing and way beyond what I thought I could do. I did a second session and I hit my goal!! I saw daily results which motivated me to keep on track and even within a couple of weeks people started noticing I lost weight.

51 year old female, I.H.

When I started the program, my clothes were tight, my blood pressure was going up and up, and I felt miserable all the time. In 42 days with Dr. Bovay, I feel better than ever!

56 year old male, B.H.

I am so pleased with the results. When people see me for the first time in a while, they notice right away. This program has targeted my belly fat, having lost almost 5 inches

53 year old female, L.R.

Before Dr. Bovay’s help on her weight loss program, weight loss had been a considerable struggle never resulting in any long term success. I am so grateful that she helped me to regain a healthy lifestyle in my fifties that I know I can maintain.