Success Stories

Dr. Sher Bovay helped me lose over 40 pounds in 4 months. This has been amazing as I had not been able to successfully take off the weight after my daughter was born 18 years ago. Before Dr. Bovay’s help on her weight loss program, weight loss had been a considerable struggle never resulting in any long term success. Through a combination of weekly weight and health monitoring sessions, the use of neuro-emotional technique and the strategic implementation of the program itself, Dr. Bovay helped me be successful. I am so grateful that she helped me to regain a healthy lifestyle in my fifties that I know I can maintain. Thanks so much Dr. Sher!

53 year old female, L.R.

I have finished day 27 of the program which means 25 days of dieting after the 2 days of fat loading. I am so pleased with the results as I have lost over 20 pounds in less than 4 weeks. As a man in his fifties and liking my beer, my excess weight was concentrated in my belly. This program has targeted that area and is where I have lost most of my weight. I have lost almost 5 inches around my belly as well as some inches around my chest and neck.

When people see me for the first time in a while, they notice right away. That is very encouraging and flattering.The most amazing part of this very low calorie diet is that I am rarely hungry. For anyone looking to experience rapid weight loss, this is an amazing program. I recommend it highly.

56 year old male, B.H.

After attending an group information session with Dr. Bovay, in spite of thinking “this is crazy, I could never do this” during the session, I agreed to a private consultation with Dr. Bovay on my way out of the meeting. I got a bit more detail from her, and then signed up in spite of my skeptical self. In my heart, I knew I needed to do something different, so that won out over my head thinking ‘this is crazy’. When I started the program, my clothes were tight, my blood pressure was going up and up, and I felt miserable all the time. In 42 days with Dr. Bovay, I lost 23 pounds & 18 inches & BP is almost at 120/80. I am a 51 years old female.

The main benefit for me beyond the obvious weight & inches lost is I have built better eating habits for the long term. For me, sticking to it was helped by giving myself a few weeks count-down time before starting the program – and then going in 100%. The first 3 days of eating low cal were the hardest, then I got used to the plan and its really enough food. I was shocked at how my mood improved within the week – in spite of not being able to eat all the old junk food I loved.

Don’t dismiss this program off hand – I know it sounds a bit crazy when you first hear about it, but it works and isn’t as hard as you expect once you get started. And most importantly, it works.

51 year old female, I.H.

I hated going to the gym 5-6 days a week, eating every 2-3 hours, preparing those 5-6 meals a day all to lose maybe 1 pound a week. Hard to stay motivated when you hardly see results.

That’s why Dr. Bovay’s programed worked for me. I saw daily results which motivated me to keep on track and even within a couple of weeks people started noticing I lost weight.

I have struggled with weight since grade school (I weighed 198lbs in grade 6). I was 235lbs in 2001, and reached over 250lbs which I had hovered around until I did Dr. Bovay’s weight loss program. It was an easier program since there was no time commitment needed for exercise, and meal preparation was minimal – most times prepping for a few days at a time.

After the first 6 weeks I was down to 219 lbs. 32lbs in 6 weeks was amazing and way beyond what I thought realistic. I did a second session and I hit my goal!! I was under 200lbs and in the next week to follow went as low as 198lbs. I lost 52lbs in 2 sessions of 6 weeks. This program changed my life and I never thought I would be under 200lbs again in my life.

43 year old male, E.D.

The main benefit of this program for me was it resolved a longstanding mystery regarding my body’s weight loss patterns. At the beginning of the program I was retaining water and not always achieving the fat loss results I had hoped for. (This is a pattern I had seen before many times, but it was the first time I was able to see it in terms of measurable numbers.) Dr. Bovay was able to troubleshoot that issue very effectively by adding liver support to my plan.

After the liver support my longstanding water retention issue during weight loss was resolved and I went on to have a more typical weight loss pattern. This was a huge relief because, despite having this water retention and liver issue during other programs, no one else had been able to assist me with resolving it. I highly recommend this program and Dr. Bovay’s approach, since in addition to ensuring that I achieved the results I desired she demonstrated strong troubleshooting skills with issues like mine

41 year old female, H.M.

I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday and other than sore feet, at the end I felt great. I haven’t been able to do that for years. I always took a cart if I as doing more than 9 holes. That is all thanks for what you inspired and helped me to do with weight loss! Wow! What an amazing counsellor and coach you are!

( 5 months after completing her weight loss program and successfully keeping her weight off)

54 year old female, L.R.