A number of my clients have come to me having heard of or having tried an HCG weight loss program in the past.  I thought that it would be helpful for those who have experienced or heard of HCG in the past to understand how my program compares and is different.

HCG, is a very low-fat, very low-calorie diet.  It is often used while taking either an over the counter hormone or a hormone take via injections.  And while it may have worked for some it is somewhat controversial, as per the Mayo Clinic.

HCGBreakthough Intermittent Fasting Program
Dietary Restrictions during programVery LimitedMore variety, higher nutrient value
Target healthy fat burn2-6 lbs / week2-6 lbs per week
Number of meals per day2-3 meals2 meals
Risk of muscle lossModerate to high Low (ketosis protects muscles)
Weight loss resultsFastFast
CravingsReducedReduced / Gone
Supplement During ProgramHormone (carries risk)All-natural solution, no risk
Injections RequiredYesNo
Maintenance of Weight LossLowHigh
Transitioning from Strict diet to longterm lifestyle food planNoYes
Behavioural ModificationNoneYes
Risk of Long-term Hormonal ImbalanceRiskNo risk

*HCG hormone is no longer proscribed

Homeopathic HCG which was unapproved by FDA in 2014 as being ineffective

For Chirothin had with HCG plus current formula, discontinued FDA one

HCG injections are snacking your endocrine system vs messages the endocrine system to create balance and hormones.

Incorporate lifestyle change vs Quick Fix of HGC diet without coaching to lock in results

Beats the body to force it to comply vs. Chiro due to interactions with HPA and HPT get body to understand benefits of complying

When you are fasting, your body needs fuel and because the glucose from food is no longer available the body turns to fat as its fuel source. When the body breaks down fat it supplies the body with “ketones”.

Diet more nutrient rich diet