What Will Make Your Weight Loss Journey Different This Time?
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A typical conversation I have with most people before they sign up with me to do a program is that they are anxious they're not going to stick with it.

Usually, they have had a history of several failed attempts and they are carrying this baggage bringing their past with them everytime they reconsider trying again. Whether it's a more recent attempt that hasn't worked, and they haven't stuck with it or it's years and years of yo-yo weight loss efforts and they  can't keep it off. The bottom line is they're bringing all of this sort of worry and concern with them, saying, "OK, how is it going to be different this time?

In this video series I share with you how to assess those past attempts so you can understand the real underlying reasons from a body and mindset standpoint as to why you were unable to reach your weight loss goal. With this understanding you will know what to change so you can start again choosing a new plan that will give you what you need so this time you can stick with it and feel confident in reaching your goal and keeping the weight off.

Obstacles To Losing Weight From A Body Standpoint

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This first video focuses on the most common reasons as to why it is difficult to stick with  a weight loss plan from a body standpoint.

As you listen to the reasons, reflect on your past attempts and learn how to assess if the reason for not sticking to a plan was because the approach and plan was not right for your body.

Then you will know what to look for so it is  different next time and you can stick with it and be successful.
Mindset Obstacles To Losing Weight

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In this 2nd video I share the 3 main mindset reasons I hear most commonly from people who have not been able to follow through on their weight loss plans in the past. 

This history of course makes them doubt their ability to follow through on any future programs and causes tremendous self-doubt. But history does not have to keep repeating itself.

Once you can figure out what the exact reasons were behind your setbacks  in the past from a mindset perspective you will be able to identify the gaps in those plans. With this understanding you will know what you need to look for in any future programs so you can have the support and tools you need from a mindset standpoint setting you up to follow through.It is possible!!
If you're feeling tired of always stressing about your weight, lack of losing weight, and worrying about what to eat then book a 15 minute assessment call with me to talk about your goals and challenges so we can see what is a good solution for you to find more Body Freedom in your life.