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Presented by Harvard Certified Dr Sher Bovay, Co-Founder of FastLane Health Inc.
The FastLane Reboot Roadmap
Discover the new way professional women over 40 are rapidly getting their bodies back!

Learn The Secret Safe And Natural Way 10,000's Of Busy Woman Over 40 Are Burning Fat And Keeping It Off!

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In this 60-minute training you’ll discover:
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My FastLane 4-phase system that activates my client's own fat burning powers

How my clients are maintaining their goals over time (why everything they had been taught about meal planning was wrong)
The surprising hidden solution I discovered to finally have the peace of mind and never have worry about the scale again

Find out how my clients suddenly are back wearing their designer skinny jeans again

Discover why my clients keep hearing, “You look 10 years younger”
 Learn the 5 little known Secrets that break all the rules
And more! 
About Your Host

Dr. Bovay, DC, BSc, has over 25 years of clinical experience and is certified through The Institute of Lifestyle medicine at Harvard Medical School.

She has been helping her clients achieve remarkable healthcare results through innovative personalized programs based on the most up to date research and practice management approaches. She is a chiropractor by training and has developed an expertise in Lifestyle Medicine primarily focusing on body shape & general health, stress and sleep management.

She believes that her role with her clients is to be their Sherpa, creating the path to their goals and guiding them along the way by sharing their load when required so they can continue their journey towards optimal health and well-being.

If you finally want to get the physique you deserve back...then this FREE online workshop is for you.
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